Growing in my Relationship with Jesus

Sex is Designed by God

When the Bible speaks about, “one flesh,” it is speaking about sex. Sex is the blending of body, soul, and spirit. It means letting go and revealing all your dreams, deepest desires, energies, and love to your spouse, giving him/her the greatest gift – YOURSELF. Sex communicates, “I Love You” in the most intimate way. God designed sex for the “two” to become “one” in marriage. So, sex is God’s special wedding gift to you.

The Blessing of Marriage

How does God bless marriage?

Staying Sexually Pure

How can we stay sexually pure?

How should men and women protect themselves from pornography?

Pornography in marriage is like introducing a 3rd party into your marriage.

Why should a married couple avoid pornography?

What encouragement or advice can you take from the following verses?

How does God help us deal with temptation?

How can we receive strength?

Are we alone in this struggle?

Why is it important to get to know our Creator?

How should we behave towards people of the same/opposite gender?

What is the role of the Holy Spirit?

It is NOT God’s intention to take sex away from us. Instead, he wants to protect us, so that at the right time we can receive the gift of sex in the way that God intended it – AWESOME! Without fear, insecurity, pain or shame.

Why do you think sexual purity was so important to Joseph?

Ask a Friend

How important is sexual purity to you? Why?


  • Have you ever asked God to help you stay sexually pure?
  • How can you make sexual purity a priority in your life?

Prayer Model

Lord, I want to make you number one in my life. I want to get to know you and follow your ways! Help me to be sexually pure. Help me to get a big vision for a great marriage where I can give and receive the gift of sex with joy.

Key Verse

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