Strengthening my Relationship with Jesus


Building the Local Church and a Blessing for Our Lives

Tithing is a Godly principle of giving the first 10% of our income to God through His church, which God has set in place since the beginning of time.


When we tithe we are putting God first over all of our finance. Our tithe is used to build the local church, helping it to grow it in size and influence to impact many people and the world. We are putting our money to an eternal use.


God’s promise is also that our lives will be blessed so much that we will overflow! Not just financially but in every area of life. We are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others.

The Blessing of Tithing

Why should we bring our tithe into the “storehouse” or local church? What does the “food” represent?


This is the only time in the Bible God says to test Him. What is His promise for our lives?

Honoring God is giving Him the best of your life including in your finances. When we give a tithe of our income God will fill our “barns” to overflowing and our “vats” will brim over.


What do the barns and vats represent in your life?

God Loves a Cheerful Giver

If we sow sparingly how will we reap? What if we decide to sow generously?


God loves and rejoices when we give with a cheerful heart. We shouldn’t feel pressured to give, but rather we should to give out of a thankful heart for all Jesus has done for us.


Do you always have a cheerful heart when you give, or are you giving with regret? Let’s purpose to give with joy!

In Paul’s time, most people were paid every week. At your workplace it may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Why is it important to take time and prepare to give?

Our Tithe Is Holy to God

Actually a tithe of our income, wherever it comes from, already belongs to God. It is not our property; rather we are just honoring and returning to God what is already His.


The Bible says that our tithe is holy and special to God. It has a special and important meaning to Him, as it shows His place as number one over all areas of our lives.

When we honor God with our tithe, the holy firstfruit of our income, the rest of our income is also made holy. The tithe is the holy root that produces holy fruit in our lives.


If we want our lives to produce holy fruit what must we do?

Ask a Friend

  • How have you seen God build the church since you have been tithing?
  • Have you seen God’s blessing in your life? What is one of the stories where you have been blessed?
  • Do you have any other questions about tithing?


Have you tried tithing before? Let’s start today!

Prayer Model

God, thank you that you want to bless my life. I pray you will use my tithe to build the local church and expand your Kingdom. Help me to live a generous life, blessed to be a blessing.

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