Growing in my Relationship with Jesus

Why Jesus Became Man

Even though Jesus is God, He humbled Himself and came to the earth in the form of man to accomplish an extraordinary plan – to bring us into relationship with God. Because of his human form He is able to easily understand our human condition. But also because of His human form we are able to understand His Godliness. He draws us and connects us to the Father.

Why Did Jesus Become Man?

What do these scriptures tell us about the Word?

What did the word become?

Why did Jesus become human like us?

Why does Jesus understand our weaknesses?

How Do We Become More Like Jesus

Why are we able to reflect the glory of the Lord?

How do we live more like Jesus here in the world?

Why are we able to do the same or even greater things than Jesus?


How do you feel about Jesus becoming man?


How does this knowledge of Jesus help you get closer to Him?


Lord, thank you for becoming man. It helps me to know that you understand all the things I experience. I’m also comforted in knowing that I’m like you, and through faith in you, I can become even more like you.

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