7 Steps to Financial Freedom

Step 4: Save A Full 3-6 Month Emergency Fund

Save A Full 3-6 Month Emergency Fund


Get Ready For A Rainy Day
There will be financial emergencies and job losses in life, and you should be ready for them when they come.
Your full emergency fund is like an umbrella for a rainy day.
You don’t need it often, but when it rains you have nothing to worry about.

What can we learn from ants about storing up resources for the future?
Have you had a tough season financially in your life?


Avoiding Debt
With a full emergency fund, you will never need to go into debt again!
This fund should be considered like insurance not savings – you might never need it, but if you do it’s there.
It will also bring you peace and help you sleep better at night!


Job Loss
Most people will experience a job loss in their career.
If you have no money saved, it can be challenging to get a new job and keep your confidence.
If you have a full emergency fund, you know that you have 6 months to find a great job and interview well.

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