Chapter 8: Healing

We live in an imperfect world, where bad things happen to good people. So God intervened, and sent his one and only son to rescue us from all our mistakes and hurt. He made a great exchange, our brokenness for his life. This is not an ordinary life that Jesus offers us, but a life of love, joy, peace, and healing. Healing for anyone who will call out to him for help.

Your Questions

Question 1

What do you do if you have already had sex in the past?

Answer 1

In today’s society there is pressure to give up your virginity before marriage. Those who became believers later in life, didn’t know God’s design for marriage and sex, so it’s not unusual to feel regret about things that happened in the past.

But, no matter how bad your past is, no matter how fallen you feel, God will forgive you and give you a fresh start! Even if your mistakes resulted in pregnancy, or you had sex with multiple partners, Jesus is the only one who can restore to you what was lost. He wants to bring purity back into your life through forgiveness and grace. Just ask Him.

That means you can go into marriage feeling completely made new!

Now there is another group of people who had sexual experiences in the past that were imposed on them. These are the victims of sexual abuse. They don’t necessarily need forgiveness because they were victims of things that were done to them. But they need healing because something was stolen from them that God wants to restore back to them.

Please read the story of Tamar in 2 Samuel 13:1-20:

Verse 18-19 describes Tamar’s distress at her loss. Tearing the beautiful garment that the king’s virgin daughters wore and putting ashes on her head (which was the traditional way that the Jewish people expressed their grief and mourning). Tamar’s story is tragic because she isolated herself and lived in mourning the rest of her life.

But those who put their trust in the Lord can receive healing. The comfort, joy, beauty, and strength of the Lord can be yours.

Please pray for God’s healing today, don’t spend another moment lonely and in despair. This is God’s promise to you:


What did you learn about the healing process?