Building Strong Foundations

Resurrection of Believers

One of the first examples we see of the resurrection of believers is that of Moses and Elijah appearing in glorious splendor to Jesus, Peter, James and John. As Moses and Elijah spoke with Jesus about His departure, Jesus is transformed before the disciple’s very eyes. Moses and Elijah have obviously received their resurrection bodies and would therefore be counted among the first of the resurrection.

What Is the Sequence of Resurrections?

What was Jesus the first of?

Who are the others seen in their resurrection bodies?

When will this happen? Who will be caught up with Jesus?

What will happen to those without Jesus at the final judgment?

What will happen to death?

When Will Resurrection Occur?

a) When?


b) How quick?


What Will Our Resurrected Bodies Be Like?

How do we know Jesus’ physical appearance had changed?

How do we know Jesus had a real tangible body?

How do we know that Jesus still had a sense of purpose?

How will our resurrection bodies be better than our natural human bodies?

Does Burial Method Matter?

If our bodies are returning to dust, cremation simply speeds up the process.

How Should These Truths Affect Our Lives?


Do you have any questions about the resurrection of believers?


Based on my understanding of the resurrection, how should these truths affect my life?

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, thank you that I too will be resurrected. Thank you that your resurrection power has been given to those who believe.

Key Verse

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