Building Strong Foundations

The Final Judgement

The final judgment, otherwise known as, ‘The Great White Throne Judgment,’ is when all will see and understand why some people will go to the “lake of fire.”

What Is the “Lake of Fire?”

Also know as “Gehenna,” is a real and conscious place. How is this place described in the following scriptures?

What Is This Judgment Based On?

Will There Be Degrees of Judgment?

Describe the judgment for:

People of all nations outside of Israel (Gentiles)

The Jews

Those who hear the Gospel and reject it


Do you have any other questions about the Final Judgment?


Why are these truths important for us?


a) What is the fear of the Lord?


b) How does it make me aware of my responsibility?


c) How should I rejoice in my salvation?


Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, I give You thanks for my salvation. Help me to live my life mindful of my responsibility, motivated to live a life that tells others about Your great grace.

Key Verse

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