Growing in my Relationship with Jesus

The Mind

Thinking God’s Thoughts

God’s Word has a lot to say about our minds and our thinking. God has given us new lives as well as a new way of thinking. We have to let God’s truth determine how we think and live.

Change Your Thinking

How does what controls us affect our thinking?

How does God transform us? What do we need to do?

What has God given us to help us with our thinking?

God’s Thoughts

How is God’s thinking different to ours?

What are God’s thoughts about us?

Good Thinking

Why should we not worry?

When we think God’s way we will have His peace and we will know His will. (Philippians 4:9, Romans 12:2)

Match the following verses with the things we should be thinking about.

Heaven, Eternity

God’s Word

God’s promise

Other people

Encouraging others

Good things

Ask a Friend

  • Can you share a story of changing your thinking?
  • What can you do to stop thinking the wrong way?


What part of your thinking do you need to change?

What verse can you apply to the areas that you need to change?

Prayer Model

Father God, thank You for giving me new life and a new way of thinking. Please help me to change the way I think as I study Your Word.

Key Verse