Growing in my Relationship with Jesus

Trusting God

With Our Whole Heart

Trusting God with our whole heart means our relationship with Him is healthy and we can enjoy peace and joy from Him. To continue in good health, our trust in Him also needs to continue to grow.

What Do We Put Our Trust In?

What are some things people put their trust in?

What happens when we put our trust in the wrong things?

What Stops Us From Trusting God?

What things do we worry about?

Jesus rebuked His disciples for not trusting Him enough. What made them worry?

What else makes it difficult for you to grow in trusting God?

Why Should We Trust in God?

Why does God deserve our trust?

What will the results be, in our lives, if we continue to trust God?

Ask a Friend

  • Can you share about how your trust in God has grown?
  • Do you have any other questions about trust?


In John 14:1, Jesus said, “Don’t be troubled. You trust God, now trust in me.” How can we stop our hearts from being troubled?

How can we increase our trust in God?


HOMEWORK: Trust Confessions

Meditate on these verses this week.

Prayer Model

Dear God, I’m sorry if I have put my trust in other things. Please show me how I need to change my heart. I thank You that I can trust in You with all my whole heart.

Key Verse