Growing in my Relationship with Jesus

God’s Kingdom

The scripture is clear, when we seek God’s kingdom above all else, and live righteously, God provides everything we need. This means the kingdom of God comes into our lives. While we can be thankful for our earthly cultural heritage, God’s kingdom culture needs to become the priority.

Who Can Enter God’s Kingdom?

Read the following scriptures and write who can enter the Kingdom of God and why.

What Is God’s Kingdom Like?

What is God’s kingdom compared to and why do you think Jesus makes these comparisons?

What Is God’s Kingdom About?

Describe what it’s about.

How Do We Enter God’s Kingdom?


  • What are the benefits of living in God’s kingdom?
  • If you were not already living in God’s kingdom would you like to be a part of it?


  • What challenges are you facing in your life right today?
  • What truth from God’s word can you apply to your situation?


Lord, thank you that I can be part of your kingdom. I pray your kingdom will come in greater measure on my life and on the earth as it is in heaven.

Key Verse