Strengthening my Relationship with Jesus

Heart to Serve

Jesus became a servant, giving His life to save us and setting an example for us to follow (Mark 10:45). We will see from the scriptures that God puts a high value on serving others, and He encourages us to use the gifts that He has given us to serve God and people.

Jesus Servant and Lord

Why did Jesus come to earth?

How did Jesus serve the disciples?

Why is this an example he wants his disciples to follow?

Why Is Serving Valuable?

Do good servants make good leaders?

How Can We Serve?




In what ways have other people served you?

Ask a Friend

How can you make serving a lifestyle?
How has serving God and others been a blessing to you?


Ask God to reveal my gifts, and how I can serve others with the gifts God has given me. Look at where you could serve in your church and join a team.

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, thank you for coming to earth to serve us, and for setting an example of service.

Key Verse

Study Topics