Building Strong Foundations

What Happens When People Die

Death is the separation of man’s spirit or soul from his body. The Greek word for this is ‘thanatos’, meaning “the termination or end of man’s earthly existence.” The Bible teaches that there are two possible destinations for man’s spirit to go to, hell/hades or heaven/paradise. Man cannot move back and forth from one to the other.

The destination is eternal.

Will Everyone Experience Death?

1. Were there exceptions?

What happened to Enoch and Elijah?


2. What will happen to those who are still alive at the time of Christ’s return?

What Does Death Mean for the Christian?

What is Lazarus condition in heaven?

Where did Jesus say they were going?

How long did the criminal have to believe before he could go to paradise?

What will we have in heaven?

Will we be spirits without bodies?

What is the guarantee to this new life in heaven?

Where is Jesus preparing a place for us?

How can we go there?

How can we have victory over sin and death?

What Does Death Mean for Those Without Jesus?

Where did the rich man go? And how did he feel there?


Do you have any more questions about death?


How can you share about death, heaven and hell with your friends or family?

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, thank you that you have prepared a place for us in Heaven. Lord, we pray our friends and family will come know you so that they too can spend eternity with you in heaven.

Key Verse