Strengthening my Relationship with Jesus


A Powerful Blessing

Worship is not just singing songs on a Sunday. Worship is powerful, it can bless and change your life. As well as being a celebration of God’s people together, it should also be a way of life for every Christian.

Worship Is About God

Why do we praise and worship God?

Worship Is a Celebration

There is something special and powerful about worshipping God together

What are some ways that we can celebrate and praise God?

Worship Is a Lifestyle

Read and discuss the following verses.

What does it mean to worship God with your whole life?

Worship Is a Powerful Blessing

Worship is a powerful blessing for our lives! God wants us to enjoy His presence

In praising God we can have joy and victory even in difficult times

How did praising God change the circumstances for Paul and Silas?

Ask a Friend

  • Why do you enjoy worship?
  • Have you ever had a breakthrough during worship?


  • How can worship help your life?
  • How can you make worship part of your lifestyle?
  • What are some things that you can worship God for now?

Prayer Model

Lord God, I praise You! You are so wonderful! You are number one in my life! I thank you that I can enjoy worshipping you anytime. I love You!

Key Verse