Building Strong Foundations

Foundation Truths (Part 1)

When a building is being built, it is the foundation that holds the weight of the whole structure. So, the taller the building, the deeper the foundations need to be. And so it is when we build our lives on a strong foundation (God’s Word), the deeper we dig, the more weight we will be able to support. Therefore, the more we read, journal, meditate, memorize, and practice God’s word, applying it to our lives, the stronger our foundation will be.

Christian Foundation Stones – Part 1

Who is the primary foundation?

The teaching of the Apostles and Prophets is an important foundation.

What did the believers do?

Are you planted in church and in a Connect Group?

There is a cost in building. Have you counted the cost?

Who are we? What are we building?

Who lives in us?


  • How has having these foundation stones helped you in the past?
  • How can it help you today?


  • Are there areas of my foundation that could be stronger?
  • How can I strengthen these areas?
  • Discuss and pray together.

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, I want to have a firm foundation. I ask for a heart committed to receiving your word and applying it to my life. I want my life to get stronger everyday and to be filled with joy.

Key Verse

Study Topics