Building Strong Foundations

The Fruit of Repentance

When we try to have faith in God without turning away from sin, it ends in hypocrisy. When we try to remove sin without turning to God in faith, it ends in failure, despair and legalism. Repentance is the preparation of our hearts for God. God must first clear away all the debris and dead works before He can plant the good seeds, which will produce good fruit.

Repentance Must Have Fruit

Should we be able to see evidence of change in people’s lives?


How do we recognize a good tree (person)?

Do you need to repent and produce good fruit even if you grew up in a Christian family?

What were we created to do?

Remember, doing good works does not save us, but we are saved to do good works.

What does walking in the light mean?

What’s the fruit of walking in the light?

It’s important to have a heart of thankfulness and love towards God whether we are forgiven many sins or a few sins.

How do you feel about God’s forgiveness?

What kinds of fruit does the Spirit produce?

Repentance From What?

What is the warning?

How are we washed, made holy, and proclaimed righteous?


Since repenting and receiving God’s forgiveness what kinds of fruit have you seen growing in your life?


  • Would you like to be more fruitful?
    What could you do to increase the fruitfulness in your life?

Prayer Model

Lord Jesus, I come to You today with an open heart. I repent of all sin, and thank You for Your forgiveness, and that You will help me to change and become more fruitful.

Key Verse